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Information about school

Дата: 10 марта 2017 в 16:49, Обновлено 10 марта 2017 в 18:04

Porechye is located in pine forests and lie on the purest lake bank “Molochnoye” in Grodno region.  Porechye is a green oasis surrounded by mushroom forest and wonderful lakes. A great place for resting and treatment.

The objects of activity of our school are education and upbringing, creation of conditions for treatment and recovery of pupils with somatic pathology.

Porechye state sanatorium boarding school gives a general secondary education. Classes are held in Russian language. Our school has English, German and French classes as well. Classrooms and bedrooms, library and gym, room of physical rehabilitation, stadium and sports ground are at the disposal of pupils. The process of curing is held on the basis of medical center.

Treatment includes: the organization of a special healthy schedule based on walking in the fresh air as much as possible, diet food, drinking mineral water, phytotherapy, physical therapy, massage, physical rehabilitation and medicamentous therapy.

Every year about 500 pupils improve health from all districts of Grodno region.

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